UPDATED: 06-08-2020, 4:30 PM


Every Momentum Agent is an independent contractor. We are INDEPENDENT TOGETHER working for our mutual goals. For the safety of our staff and agents, we are implementing the following changes to our normal operations:

  • Effective Friday, June 5th, we are in "Phase 2" of reopening in Florida. Check the State of Florida website for full details HERE.
  • The original precautions continue as follows:
    • Seniors and individuals with significant underlying medical conditions are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to stay at home and take all measures to limit the risk of exposure.
    • AVOID congregating in large groups and non-essential travel, especially to areas outside of Florida with a significant presence of COVID-19.
    • Self-quarantine for 14 days following a cruise, international travel or any area with a significant presence of COVID-19.
    • Religious facilities were NEVER CLOSED under previous orders so they can remain OPEN when following social distancing guidelines provided by the CDC.
    • Temperature checks are NOT required for employees.
    • Face masks are NOT required, but are recommended by the CDC and Governor DeSantis whenever people interact face-to-face AND cannot maintain 6 feet away.
  • Momentum offices at our Headquarters remain CLOSED to agents until further notice, INCLUDING the agent work room AND for training events (START Training, Power Hour Lead Generation & Learning Lab). The only exception is when arrangements have been made to pickup or drop something off. Pat and Melvia's offices are OFF LIMITS to anyone but them.
  • When will the office be open again? Because we share our space with a SCHOOL, we will not open our offices until at least in-person learning is reauthorized by the State of Florida. All training will continue to be available via this website AND via our Zoom training room.
  • NO AGENTS should plan to visit Momentum offices without making an appointment with Pat or Melvia.
  • If you have Momentum items that need to be returned, please make an appointment to drop them off ASAP. You remain responsible for them until properly received by us.
  • ALL TRAINING (Coaching Calls, START Training, Power Hour & Learning Lab) will be 100% ONLINE via ZOOM meeting until further notice. The login information remains the same and is available on the FeelMomentum.com website under "Our Portal".
  • ALL Momentum events will be held VIRTUALLY until further notice.
  • The PRIMARY MEANS OF CONTACT for broker questions MUST be on our Momentum Agents Facebook Group. Pat & Melvia will not be answering real estate related questions until and after you have 1) Tried to find your own answers first and 2) Posted the question to our Momentum Agents Facebook Group and sought out an answer on there. Obviously, if there are time-critical questions, we are still here to help, but we are supposed to be a family of real estate professionals, we need to start acting like one and we need to ALL step-up and help each other learn, grow and prosper. Lack of planning on your part does NOT create an emergency on our part! CLICK HERE for: Momentum Agents Facebook Group
  • We don't believe in "Social Distancing", but we do fully 100% support "Physical Distancing", so keep your distance from as many people as you can.
  • You should have figured out a way to continue to operate your business by now. This is NOT one continuous "Snow Day" (or "Hurricane Day" for you native Floridians). Some people still need to buy and sell and this is still an AMAZING time to do business. Just do it smart and do it safely!
  • Stellar MLS has issued Virtual Open House instructions and have created a great opportunity for accommodating agents and sellers during this crisis. You now have the choice of offering in-person open houses, virtual or both!
  • "STAY AWAY" if you are sick, around those who are sick or if you are recovering. This includes, but is not limited to fever, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, etc.
  • Use the forms provided by FAR for Covid-19 related addendums and in-person showings. These are for YOUR protection from a legal standpoint and our Errors & Omissions policy may not cover you if you do not use the forms.
  • Check back here often. As information changes, we will post it here. Take note of the date and time at the top of this page, when ANY information is changed, this too will be updated.


The MLS has made some changes and accommodations for listings and particularly Open Houses.

Stellar MLS Coronavirus Updates

Virtual Open House Procedures

In-Person Open Houses Resume

Open House Guide


FAR has a special section on their website dedicated to news and information related the novel coronavirus as it affects Realtors.

FAR Coronavirus Page

FAR Showing Safety Guidelines

Property Showing Safety Rules Poster

FAR has created an extension addendum to residential purchase agreements. This form can be used to change the time limits already established in the contract. Read the form, be familiar with it and utilize it when the need arises.

FAR/BAR Coronavirus Extension Addendum

COVID-19 Acknowledgement Form


The WHO has the latest information on the worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus. Check out their website for up to the minute news and information.

NAR Coronavirus Page

NAR Guide for Realtors®


The CDC is the United States organization that is responsible for the preparation and response to outbreaks such as the novel coronavirus. See their section dedicated to their response.

Centers for Disease Control

Coronavirus Website


The White House, under the direction of President Trump, has issued guidelines for opening up American again. You can find the guidelines here. They are just guidelines at this point, they suggest you also follow state and local regulations.

The White House


The WHO has the latest information on the worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus. Check out their website for up to the minute news and information.

World Health Organization


The Florida Department of Health is coordinating the state's response to the novel coronavirus. Check out their website for up to date information from the State of Florida.

Florida Department of Health

Full Phase One Sheet